About Us

About us 

Welcome! At Floranz we pride ourselves in quality and timeless pieces. No matter what your style is we can all agree those two things are important and nonnegotiable in your closet. 

All our items are limited. The ultimate goal is to offer a wide range of sizes.The good news is due to our limited stock you don't have to worry about wearing the same thing as your friend to a party :)

What influenced Floranz?

I just wanted to create a space  where I can express myself through my style. I want to build a community of powerful women who empower each other. 

Women are often expected to dress a certain way and follow society rules. What happens if you don't? The secret is there are NO rules and I am here to remind you of this!

My pieces can be worn however fits your personality. My collection includes sheer tops, oversized blazers, and mini dresses. You want to wear a sheer top without anything under it? Go ahead, girl. You want to wear an oversized blazer with no pants? YES, please! I want you girls to show me how you style your Floranz clothes! 

Now let's play dress up! 



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